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Savage Interludes

Apr 1, 2021

We were joined by Boof Sizemore (!!!), and it was time for another email show: Ken gave us a great source for in-game sound and music. Andy opined about the balance of Arcane Backgrounds when dealing with mundane characters. Jesse provided commentary on high-ranking adventure. Mark thanked us for the Mass Battles demo. Syd basically delivered our entire resource management presentation in a cogently written few paragraphs. Finally, Paul provided some additional resources for said management.

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Chapter Markers:
00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:21 - Patron Praisings
00:01:53 - Stories from the SavageSphere
00:07:55 - Mail Bag!
00:46:00 - Outro
00:47:13 - Ron's Joke